Smart companies choose MicroBilt. Here’s why…

With over 35 years of experience, a powerful mix of public, private and proprietary data, and innovative analytical software, MicroBilt has been a recognized pioneer in credit, alternative credit and risk management. Our products cover the full cycle of business from vetting to originations to recovery. And every MicroBilt product is delivered through a single, easy-to-use, portal that can be customized to your business needs.

Using predictive analytics to reduce risk of loan default and credit fraud

by Walt Wojciechowski on Aug 24, 2016

Data-driven enterprises participating in the financial sector require tools capable of revealing credit fraud and loan default...

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A look at the ACH for Lenders

ACH for lenders, what it is and how to use it

by Allen Taylor on Aug 23, 2016

A Look at the Automated Clearing House for Lenders Alternative lenders do not have to be relegated to a dark corner of the...

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What is the strategic risk of engaging a particular third party?

How business valuation and credentialing can help you assess third-party risk

by Philip Burgess on Aug 11, 2016

Whether financing debt for privately held organizations or partnering with a fellow industry participant, working with third...

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